T H E   A R T   O F   C O L L E C T I N G

Art and objects span centuries and geography ranging in purpose from pleasure or profit to posterity. The most beautifully crafted can transcend all categories to become desirable works of art. Exceptional examples have a hidden narrative that seems to speak to us - forging a bond between viewer and object, inviting, almost demanding, personal ownership.

While collecting has always been part of human culture, the concept was elevated when the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration in 16th century Europe inspired the introduction of cabinets of curiosities.  These were not necessarily pieces of furniture but private museums, or kunstkammer, displaying encyclopedic collections of remarkable finds sought out by those who coveted the rare and wondrous.

Marion Harris is an internationally recognized resource for collectors, designers and museums.  Known for her attention to detail and attraction to the classic and the curious, she is available to curate, catalogue, buy or sell items for private and public collections.