The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers

The artists known as the Connor Brothers satirize pop culture from Shakespeare to modern romantic novels.

Under the pseudonym of twins Brendan and Franklyn Connor, the artists developed an invented biography of having been brought up in a controversial Californian cult in the 80s isolated from the world, and then, after escaping as teenagers trying to make a normal life for themselves.

This fictitious background of seclusion and sheltered naivety was a fabricated cover story enabling them to produce a body of work reconfiguring pop culture and a guise to hide the artists' true identity. In fact they were a pair of art dealers re-inventing themselves in a fickle industry.

To their surprise, the art world fell thrall to the work.  In 2013, the year the work was introduced, the initial acclaim resulted in sold out shows in Australia and California, placement in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum and record auction prices realized in London, England.  This response and resulting popularity prompted them to reveal their true identity to the British press.  In October 2014 a full disclosure article by journalist Mick Brown was published in The Telegraph.

The truth added to the artists' desirability. They continue to produce work blurring reality and fiction.

The Connor Brothers have had hugely successful shows in London as well as at The Outsider Art Fair and The Art & Antiques Fair at The Park Avenue Armory organized by The Palm Beach Group in New York.