Classic and Curious

Dealers and collectors believe in the power of beautiful objects.  And when they can be characterized as classic and curious....then together they often exemplify beauty. This is what we love to seek out and are a recognized source for unusual and decorative antiques.  Think of us a "truffle snout" for beautiful and useful objects. - antique desk items and inkwells, Black Forest carvings, snuff boxes and treen.  Animal motifs have a special appeal.  We also have a large selection of fine Victorian Scottish jewelry.

A 19th century finely carved nutcracker, or the craftsmanship seen in an English Victorian mustard pot with the spoon holding a captured mouse can elevate useful everyday objects into works of art.

We sometimes ask how an item is these examples and most of the others on this page, the curiosity aspect encourages us to also ask why. How and why treasured objects were made and used takes on a significance when combined with ownership. Each item bears close inspection when the meaning and value is part of a collection.