Marion Harris

marrionharrisEnchanted by the beauty of natural history and the hidden narrative of objects, Marion Harris has always been drawn to the odd and the unusual.

Originally from Scotland (a good place to find such things), she is driven by a passion for collecting.  A permanent move to America in the 1980s determined the next step, a business combining the magic of the hunt and the satisfaction of research.

Marion recognizes that, to those with a keen eye, an object of desire can have a certain quality that takes it to another level for the potential owner.  From work-a-day tools with a utilitarian aesthetic to a refined historical curiosity, humble or high-minded, a unique item will find its way to the collector whose passion calls out for exclusive ownership. Dealers know and love the magic of this transaction and make it their mission to match collectors with their trophy.

Our philosophy is that a collection, regardless of size or value, is as important as the zeal with which it is hunted.  A special bond develops with the object and collector; the inanimate item and its owner share a sort of intimacy.  Collections can reflect our instinct and expose an inner truth.  This silent yet eloquent statement at least partly explains the appeal of a collection and those who are privy to it.  It offers an irresistible insight to the viewer, and the satisfaction to the owner is usually immense.

We believe the art of collecting is a field of its own which enriches and informs us.  It shows us marionthe world, and allows us to pick and choose what we show of ourselves to others.  It is the ultimate bespoke pursuit and pleasure.

A recognized resource for antiques and contemporary self-taught art, Marion has been consulted to purchase, place, curate and catalogue for clients in various categories.

The gallery exhibits at prominent art and antiques fairs and looks forward to seeing you there.  Please contact us to receive complimentary show invitations, or to arrange a private consultation for any of the above services.